St. Monica’s Church – 2nd Sunday of Lent

MEDITATION by Father Duolomane (Joe)

The transfiguration of the Messiah in the Gospel prepares him for his passion and resurrection. What the Lord wanted to teach the three disciples with his transfiguration, he teaches us today. He teaches us our dignity in having been created in his image and likeness; he teaches us our greatness in having been set above all his creatures; finally, he transforms our nature, which had been darkened by sin, to make us sharers in his divine nature. Jesus makes the poorest human condition the very symbol of God’s closeness to the world.

The transfiguration is the revelation of Jesus’ identity. His luminous face reveals his divinity, the splendour of a heart full of kindness, compassion and love. To be transfigured is to allow oneself to be transformed and to reflect God. The Transfiguration is not a show, but training in faith, in preparation for the trials to come. Lord, kindle our hearts so that we can perform acts of love and service to others.


Parish News:

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World Day of Prayer will be celebrated on March 7th at 7:00 pm at Pentecostal Church

Schedule for Masses & Mass Intentions for February 24-March 3

Saturday 24 7:00 pm For the repose of Arthur Rutland by Anne Zamolo.
Sunday 25 9:00 am In Memory of Parishioners & Friends of St. Monica’s Parish.
Monday 26 NO MASS.
Tuesday 27 7:00 pm Mass at Rectory.
Wednesday 28 7:00 pm For the repose of Msgr. Normand Clement by a Parishioner.
Thursday 29 7:00 pm Mass at Rectory.
Friday 1 11:00 am Mass at LDHC -Extended Care.
Saturday 2 7:00 pm For the repose of Venturino Trovarello by Stella Trovarello.
Sunday 3 9:00 am For the repose of Charles Bouffard by Andy & Sharon Stevens.
St. Monica's RC Church