ÉSC Trillium students visit the Borden Gold Mine and discover the mining sector

On January 24, grade 12 students at École secondaire catholique Trillium (Chapleau) registered in the technology course and interested in pursuing a career in the mining sector enjoyed a great field trip. The students were offered a visit of the Borden Gold Mine near Chapleau. As part of this tour of Goldcorp’s operations, the students had the chance to ask questions and observe experts at work both above and below surface.


They met the head of underground operations, who, from his office and in front of 12 screens, manages the ventilation system, pumps and heavy machinery, among other things. Afterwards, the ÉSC Trillium group was able to watch an operator remotely operate a huge underground scooptram, visit the garage and talk to several surface mechanics.


A captain, a supervisor and the chief mechanic then drove the students and their teacher in a mining truck to the underground installations, where they stopped at a sub station and questioned electricians. Once 580 metres underground, the captain allowed each student, one at a time and with the support of an operator, to use a drill and a bolter to install a rock bolt. Before returning to the surface, the students visited the underground garage where they observed the operation of a scooptram.


The students were delighted with the outing, which gave them an insight into the mining sector.

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