Angus calls out Poilievre’s Refusal to Meet Northern First Nations

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s refusal to meet with northern First Nation communities is sending a very clear message. He has made multiple trips to the Timmins region but has refused to take the time to visit the northern communities or meet with leadership like the representatives of the Mushkegowuk Cree. MP Charlie Angus says that Poilievre’s disregard for the importance of First Nation engagement shows that he simply doesn’t understand what it takes to be a national leader.

“Pierre Poilievre is good at snarky one liners but he hasn’t shown the maturity needed to do the hard work of nation building. This is a leader that voted against funding for clean water on reserves and funding for a national suicide hotline. He just doesn’t seem to care about the issues that matter to northern First Nations,” said Angus.

In a recent trip to Timmins Poilievre bragged that he was going to fast track mining projects. But for the critical minerals strategy to succeed, respectful consultations with First Nations is needed. Provincial Conservatives have failed on this front resulting in legal actions and calls to halt project development. Angus says Poilievre will make matters much worse.

“Northern Ontario has the potential to do mining right. But this must be based on building strong relationships with the people on whose land these projects will be developed. Poilievre is no friend of First Nations. The fact that he refuses to visit the northern communities shows that he is coming to the north as a political tourist, not a national leader,” added Angus.

Ontario NDP

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  1. Pierre Poilievre has not said to anyone on how he would better things in the Canadian economy! He has no plan just all hot wind asking for people to vote for him at the same time doing whatever he can to badmouth the present Government! I believe Steven Harper did not want to build relations with Indigenous people also! it is the Conservatives’ Methods! I will vote for people that I trust! Who can convince me they have a plan and deliver!