Men’s Night Golf – July 6th

141 golfers

1st: Lee Bryar, Anders Dereski, Spare – 31
2nd: Paul Bernath, John Simon, Vic Sillanpaa – 32
3rd: Dylan Buckell, Brad Case, Brandon Case – 33

1st: Rob Vernier, Bill Carruthers, Karl Benstead – 33
2nd: Ray Baronette, Cooper Moore, Kyston Stevens – 33
3rd: Dave Jennings, Luc Belanger, Jean Desgagne – 33

1st: Tom Terris, Luke Morden, Tom Fahrer – 35
2nd: Mike Hogan, Tim Lesarge, Tanner Paddock – 35
3rd: James Morden, Monte White, Michel Lemoyne – 35

1st: Ray Chevrier, Sebastian Chevrier, Steve Duchesne – 35
2nd: Mike McCoy, Mark McRae, Rolly Lachappelle – 36
3rd: Gilles Pelletier, Dave Hall, Don Humphries – 36

1st: Derek Hardy, Kyle Wood, Michel Lemoyne – 36
2nd: Tony Thomas, Eric Mitrikas, Vic Sillanpaa – 36
3rd: Nick Alexopoulos, Scott Carruthers, Steve Jozin – 36

1st: Joel Dechamplain, Darcey Pilon, Spare – 36
2nd: Jeff Amos, Chris Simon, James Roberge – 36
3rd: Jeremiah Lefebvre, Rocco Cliff, Austin Fellinger – 37

1st: Rob Sedore, RJ Sedore, Gilbert Bouchard – 37
2nd: Kevin Auger, Steve Duchesne, Rau Duchesne – 37
3rd: Dave Dupuis, Dean Domich, Curtis Cooke – 37

8th FIGHT:
1st: Kelly Adams, Cam Adams, Spare – 38
2nd: Ray Renaud, Richard Davidson, Scott Nolan – 39
3rd: Kevin Auger, Marc Szekely, Dan Szekely – 40

1st: Paul Bernath, Scott Robinson, Jim Wallace – 40
2nd: Jeff Austin, Ray Brisson, Ralph Zagar – 41

10th FLIGHT:
1st: Garth Wheatley, Al Hardy, Connor Langille – 41


Special Events Winners:

Closest to Hole #1 (North of 17 Restaurant: 1 Hercules Cheese Pep Pizza): Rick Funk
Closest to Hole #2 (Northern Lights Ford: $30.00 Cash Prize): Sebastian Chevrier
Closest to Hole #3 (Stretch Lumber: $30.00 Cash Prize): Bart Wood
Closest to Hole #4 (Whitefish Lodge: $30.00 Cash Prize): Matt Kloosterhuis
Closest to Hole #5 (RJ’s Bait: 90 Cash Prize): Mike Belanger
Closest to Hole #6 (AJ’s Pizza: 3 10oz Steaks): Jarett Asselin
Closest to Hole #7 (Mission Motors: $30.00 Cash Prize): Mike McCoy
Closest to Hole #8 (Trans Canada Chrysler: $30.00 Cash Prize): Anders Morden
Closest to Hole #9 (Wawa Motor Inn: $30. 00 Cash Prize): Anders Dereski

Senior Men (65+) Longest Drive Hole #5 (Subway .. buy $15/get $15 for free + $10.00 Cash Prize): Al MacDonald
Men’s Longest Drive Hole #8 (Canadian Tire: $25 Gift Certificate): Anders Dereski

Winner: $15 Clubhouse Voucher: Rolly Lachappelle

Winner of Cash Draw $64.50: Garth Wheatley (drawn by Rob)

Hole in One Competition on Holes 3#7 – $3,688.50 – NO WINNER – Includes holes 3 & 7. Next weeks amount is $3,759.00 ($3,688.50 + $70.50) – *ALL goes to the Winner*

25 Foot Putt $360.50 – No Winner last week. Next week’s putt will be $431.00 ($360.50 + $70.50) – 3 putters for next week –Scott Carruthers, Peter Moore, Al MacDonald – Putt off will happen July 13th

Please remember to bring cash, no debit or credit cards for Men’s Night entry.

Thank you to all that support the club weekly. A very big thank you to all our local sponsors for the 2023 season!!

Without their support, Men’s Night would not be the success it is today.

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