Letter – Water Main Breaks in Hornepayne

Dear Brenda,

We are but one of many stories of current water main breaks in the town of Hornepayne.

The main at the road in front of our home broke on or about June 22nd (likely before, we noticed, about then, the front lawn was saturated). We noticed at the same time a slow water seepage coming from under the floor of the one finished room in our basement.

We called the town and were informed they cannot dig to correct the issue until the hydro locate service could come to Hornepayne. Apparently, they are located in Timmins; and they do NOT come in as needed.

We are now on Day 19, the water is all through the basement, down our driveway (creating a sinkhole), and flowing into our neighbour’s shed, ruining their stuff too now.

In speaking with others in town we have heard that one fellow waited over 45 days without help. The Legion is in the same situation we are in; a major leak, causing damage to the building and no hydro locate person has come yet.

We are sending a note to the MPP and would like some kind of word to get out if possible about the issue with the hydro locate service arranged by the province. It is NOT working. I’m not at less than 1/2 water pressure in my home and will shortly be without a working toilet, shower, or washing machine.

This is unacceptable and the province doesn’t care.

Jennifer MacDonald,

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