Join the NOSM University $10K Social Accountability Challenge

Working on a climate change project or planning community-led work in planetary health and social determinants of health? Or maybe you and your Indigenous community or organization aims to connect youth with Elders and Knowledge Keepers to visit with each other to learn about the land and talk about the effects of climate change on the earth.

NOSM University has an opportunity for you.

You may be eligible to apply for funding from NOSM University’s Centre for Social Accountability (CFSA). The $10K Social Accountability Challenge will award $10,000 to 10 community-based organizations with a focus on climate change. Five organizations will be selected for planetary health related projects and five will be selected for Indigenous climate change projects that empower youth.

It’s easy to apply! Simply send an application form by email to [email protected] Guidelines for the application and eligibility requirements can be found on the CFSA website.

The deadline to submit a letter of intent is Monday, June 6. Those selected will be invited to submit a full application by June 27. The successful projects will be featured in a year-end NOSM University video and across our social media channels next year.

Join the NOSM University $10K Challenge today and become a recognized changemaker in your community. We look forward to supporting you!

For more information, visit the NOSM University Centre for Social Accountability or email [email protected]

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