Canadians across the country need affordable Internet services

NDP Critic for Innovation, Science and Industry, Brian Masse, issued the following statement:

“The pandemic has shown how much people depend on Internet and cellphone services to stay connected, work, study and receive services. The reality is that Canadians are tired and frustrated of paying high fees for Internet services that make big, rich telecommunications companies even richer. They feel they are being ripped off, especially people who are struggling to get by with the rising the cost of groceries, gas for their cars and other bills pilling up.

Today’s announcement is a first step, but government eligibility criteria will still exclude many low-income families and seniors who depend on Internet services.

Since Justin Trudeau came to power, instead of taking action to reduce Internet charges, his government has protected the monopoly and profits of telecom giants at the expense of the people who pay some of the highest fees in the world.

Furthermore, over the past 6 years Justin Trudeau has been in power, his government has paid large telecommunications companies hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies and contracts, without doing what is needed to reduce the cost of cell phone and Internet services that Canadians have to pay.

The NDP is fighting for people and supporting a mandatory universal low-cost Internet/wireless plan for this essential service as many other countries have already done.

We will continue to push for the Liberals to stand up to big telecoms, ending the CRTC ruling that favors big telcos over consumers, and to make sure this essential service is affordable and accessible to all Canadians.”

Ontario NDP