Actions to Protect Water Quality are Important and Valuable

Recent polling on water quality issues reveals that an increasing majority of Great Lakes residents believe government and individual actions to protect water quality are important and valuable.
The International Joint Commission (IJC) Great Lakes Water Quality Board conducted its third Great Lakes Regional Poll in 2021, and reports on the poll results are now available online at the Great Lakes Water Quality Board’s website:
The 2021 Great Lakes Regional Poll results provide a snapshot of Great Lakes residents’ views on topics including the importance of protecting the Great Lakes’ environmental health and perspectives on the need to protect Great Lakes water quality for drinking water, leisure and recreation, fish and wildlife, and the economy.
To summarize results of the 2021 Great Lakes Regional Poll, the Great Lakes Water Quality Board is hosting a 90-minute Zoom webinar on Thursday, December 9, 2021, starting at 11:30 a.m. ET. Great Lakes Water Quality Board member panelists will give a presentation on results of some of the 60-plus poll questions and answer audience questions.

Anyone interested in learning more about the poll results is invited to attend this free public webinar; advance registration is required at:

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