Hello and welcome to the spring of 2021!

I trust everyone had a safe and enjoyable winter. As I write this, I am looking out my window and literally watching grass quickly being covered by more snow. Beautiful…yes, but for December not April! I won’t elaborate on the effects that covid continues to bring. I will however, like to send out my sincerest thoughts and well wishes to all of you suffering through this very trying time. If anyone close to you has contracted covid, I hope they have made a full recovery and they are looking at brighter days ahead.

I am sure you have a few questions about the upcoming season, so let’s try and answer some of the more popular ones now…..
How does the course look? Overall the course is in good shape. The fall had some snow, melt, freeze days that iced over the greens and caused some dark spots on a few of them but rest assured, we are on it and will have them ready for play when we are allowed to open.
So…when can we open the course? Great question….we were on schedule for a May 10th opening but due to the temporary shut down, it looks like May 20th is the date that has been set by the province now. I personally think this will be looked at by the government before then and fingers crossed, they will allow for an earlier return to play.
When can I get our membership? We will be set up in the Pro Shop on May 3rd for interac purchases. BUT, due to the restrictions, I am  requesting that you call and make an appointment to come in to avoid other people. There is a new form to fill in for those people that have a Cart Shack on site. Nothing major but we need it completed for insurance purposes.
How are we going to operate this year with these restrictions? That question is open ended as we don’t know what will happen in Ontario with Covid running wild. We will follow all guidelines set down by the various governing bodies ensuring the safety of all our members, guests and staff.
What will be different and/or new for this year? Well…if permitted (and this applies for all our plans), we will be hosting tournaments. We will be taking down the boards on the windows of the club house. Unfortunately, we will not be serving food from the club house kitchen however, the BBQ will be serving up burgers, dogs and chicken for various functions. (ie. occasional Men’s, Ladies & Couples nights). We will be running at least 3 Couples nights. We will be adjusting some dates of the Club events to allow for increased participation. We will be adding a fire pit for increased safe social gatherings in an outdoor environment.  (mainly for Men’s, Ladies & Couples nights). We will be adding a “family friendly” night every Monday. Our goal is to welcome kids and newcomers alike at the course. Adults with a child under the age of 18 will receive 20% off their green fees every Monday. We will, beginning June 28th and running through August 23rd, be running a free drop in instructional clinic for kids. More details will follow!! With this initiative, we feel it is imperative to grow our sport with the kids. They are the future of our club. Let’s encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy a round of golf with other family members and friends. The rest of the plans…we will keep under wraps for now and you will have to wait and see!! If you have any suggestions, please let me know as our goal remains to rebuild a vibrant Golf Club that can be enjoyed by everyone in our community.
So as we watch the snow melt overnight, please take solace in this….we are almost there. Find your golf bag…bring it out to the front yard…empty the various pockets out (I guarantee you will find things that you forgot were in there)…put all the used balls you found down the right side of number 9 last year into a plastic bag, ready for donation to the driving range….clean the mud off the face of your irons…perhaps you will even be able to find those grooves you misplaced 2 years ago…then and only then, when they are gleaming in the sun’s bright light, pick up your 7 iron and give yourself a little waggle….stretch out a few of those winter muscles….and then rear back taking a full and mighty swing….imagine that ball drawing from 150 yards out into the 2nd green, over the creek and gently coming to rest 2 inches from the pin….smile widely and give the couple walking past your house a wink and in a very confident and proud voice announce ” TAP IN BIRDY YOU KNOW”….then being the classy person you are, tip your cap as they both look at each other simultaneously and quickly move to the other side of the road….and remember again….yes, we are almost there. A few more sleepies and some warm weather and it won’t be long until we are yelling at the top of our lungs to the group in front of us to  “get moving or let us pass you selfish son of a  %&^$# !”  Yep…you’re almost there now!!!
Until next time, I remain,
Karl Benstead
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