Ontario Taking Steps to Improve Service Delivery at Provincial Agencies

The Ontario government is reviewing how provincial agencies deliver services with a focus on improving the customer experience, adopting service innovation, offering more services virtually and online, and eliminating redundancies. The evaluation will build on the advancements in digital service delivery made during the pandemic.

Details of the Enhanced Agency Evaluation were announced today by Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us a valuable lesson. The people of Ontario deserve more services at their fingertips, accessible from home or on their personal devices,” said Bethlenfalvy. “As the minister responsible for overseeing government accountability and modernization, including digital transformation, I’m pleased to be leading the effort to improve government services so they are responsive to the dynamic needs of the people who rely on them every day.”

The Enhanced Agency Evaluation builds on the recommendations of the 2019 Agency Review Task Force, which addressed inefficiencies while making better use of limited resources. Many of the Agency Review Task Force recommendations have already begun improving service delivery, including:

  • Agricorp, a provincial agricultural agency, is developing a new self-serve system that will allow farm owners to register their business and pay fees all through one convenient website.
  • The Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee is implementing online applications that will improve the user experience for candidates and help fill vacancies faster.
  • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal now uses online filing for applications, saving Ontarians, and the agency, time.
  • The Ontario Labour Relations Board now delivers video conferencing options so Ontarians can appear at hearings remotely.

“As Ontario safely and gradually reopens, the government is evaluating all public sector services to ensure they are customer focused, innovative and as efficient as possible,” said Bethlenfalvy. “The Enhanced Agency Evaluation is part of a broader effort to modernize government operations and build a smarter government that works for you.”

The Enhanced Agency Evaluation will be led by Minister Bethlenfalvy. The work will be completed by Fall 2020, at which time the government will report on results and potential next steps.

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