Large Police Presence Darwin/Churchill

There has been a very large police presence in the area of Darwin and Churchill. There are many cruisers, and they are restricting travel.

A concerned Wawa resident noted officers cutting through from Regina across the lane way to Churchill.

Wawa-news will update as more is known.


  1. Brenda: I am pretty sure I have had discussions with you in the past regarding this type of reporting.
    Why in the world would you publish photos regarding the area of police presence in a little town like Wawa. Regardless of what is going on, or what your photographer has determined is exciting. Come on show some common courtesy and respect. Whatever is going on, please wait for a police report before reporting on what could be a very private matter.
    Holly Morrison

  2. Please remove the picture of my house, I am not involved with the incident and you have no right to take pictures of homes. I agree with Holly’s statement. Your ignorance is what causes gossip in Wawa. Should be ashamed of yourself Brenda.

  3. Keep up the good work informing the community.