Ford’s cruel cuts to social assistance never should have happened

Lisa Gretzky, the NDP’s critic for Community and Social Services, made the following statement:


“Doug Ford’s planned cuts to social assistance would have hurt the most vulnerable children and adults in Ontario. These cuts were cruel, and they have caused profound anxiety for families already in crisis. This government never should have made these cuts in the first place. People deserve better than a government that cuts first and thinks later.


The tireless opposition of social service workers, communities and advocates has led to Ford’s reversal on cuts to the Transition Child Benefit and to social assistance clawbacks for vulnerable individuals and families. The NDP has been proud to fight these cuts alongside them, and to be their voice at Queen’s Park.


While the Ford government is now frantically backtracking, it’s clear that its ‘cut-first-think-later’ agenda remains in place. The NDP will continue to monitor to make sure Doug Ford isn’t merely kicking the can down the road, with plans to plow ahead with these cuts as soon as the federal election is over.


It is concerning that Ford has failed to reverse his cuts to a planned increase for Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program recipients, instead choosing to lock vulnerable people into a life of poverty. Also concerning is that the Ford government will continue to use the federal definition of disability, meaning some of the most vulnerable Ontarians will be turned away from ODSP benefits.


Vulnerable Ontarians deserve better from their government.”

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