Ontario invests $850,000 in Invasive Species Centre

The Ontario government is protecting what matters most by investing $850,000 in the Invasive Species Centre to support ongoing research and management of invasive species across the province.

The Invasive Species Centre, based out of Sault Ste. Marie, brings together government, academic, industry and Indigenous communities and organizations to conduct invasive species research, response planning, management and habitat restoration.

“We recognize the importance of prevention, early detection, response, and eradication of invasive species for our natural environment and the people of Ontario,” said John Yakabuski, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

“With this investment, we are prioritizing research and response strategies to prevent long- term impacts to our land, lakes, rivers, and economy,” said Ross Romano, MPP for Sault Ste. Marie.

The ministry will continue to work with conservation partners to coordinate prevention, management, and research activities to help address this serious threat while promoting public education on the negative impacts of invasive species.

“The Invasive Species Centre is committed to working together to find efficiencies in the fight against invasive species and thanks the Government of Ontario for its support and commitment to protecting our natural spaces and economy,” said Bob Lambe, President, Invasive Species Centre Board of Directors. “The Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan recognized that preventing invasive species is the single most effective and least costly method to manage invasive species. In fact, for every dollar spent on coordinated multi-jurisdictional prevention activities, $3 in mitigation, regulatory and depletion costs can be avoided if only one such pest is prevented from establishing.”


  • Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan commits to protecting our natural environment from invasive species by working with partners like the Invasive Species Centre and using tools to prevent, detect and respond to invasions.
  • Since 2008, Ontario has invested over $15 million in the Invasive Species Centre.
  • This year, the Ontario government is investing over $2 million in invasive species programs and education.
  • Ontario is the only jurisdiction in Canada that has standalone invasive species legislation. The Invasive Species Act provides legislative tools to prohibit and restrict certain invasive species and carriers that facilitate the movement of invasive species
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