Ford government needs to stop blocking relief for Northern drivers

NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson, the MPP for Timmins, issued the following statement after the Competition Bureau found that Northern gas prices have not been subject to price fixing — a claim the Doug Ford government made in an attempt to stall NDP legislation to regulate gas prices:


“If the Competition Bureau says gas companies are following the law on pricing, then we need to change the law. Ford and his Energy Minister Greg Rickford are standing in the way of an NDP bill that would stop price gouging at the pumps. While Mr. Rickford says he is not in favour of regulating gas prices, he can get this bill to committee immediately so we can find a solution for northern drivers who continue to pay sky high gas prices.


Rockford went to the Competition Bureau as a stalling tactic. It’s time for Rickford and the Ford government to act, rather than continue to stall like the Liberals before them, on a problem that is hitting Northerners harder than anyone else.”

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