Letter – Take it out of the Bag

Thank you to the ‘knucklehead(s)” who threw out fish guts or whatever over the hill where we walk our dogs (snow dump). Fine; ashes to ashes and give the coyotes and ravens a chance to survive — but please, not so close to home and worse — take it out of the plastic bag!

My curious dog, searching in overdrive to find the source of the stinking scent, found, and devoured such a bag without my notice. We let our dogs romp, and explore freely while we humans chat.

The next day, my buddy acted strange. I could see he was in distress, struggling to relieve himself. Eventually after several minutes, he gave ‘birth’ to a long, half-digested shopping bag, including the knot that had secured what was in it originally.

What happened was painful to watch, but my pet was lucky. It could have easily gone the wrong way, with a sky high vet bill for surgery or worse — death. What happens to the wildlife eating these stinky windfalls?

So, please use some common sense and think before you toss.

Karin Grundt

P.S. Isn’t littering a chargeable offence.


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