NDP condemns Ford’s claim that the top cop should be a political pawn

On Monday afternoon, Doug Ford delivered a shocking and disturbing admission that he believes the head of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to be a “political appointment.”


“The police are not political,” said NDP Community Safety and Correctional Services critic Kevin Yarde. “We require these brave officers to preserve the integrity of Ontario’s police force, and they need to be as willing to investigate a cabinet minister as they are anyone else, when warranted. For Ford to say that it’shis right to turn the commissioner of the police into a politician’s pawn is wrong, it’s dangerous, and it’s disrespectful to the officers of the OPP.”


Ford, speaking live to CP24’s Nathan Downer, said Monday on air: “Nathan, if I wanted to, I could appoint you OPP Commissioner. It’s a political appointment. Kathleen Wynne had a political appointment, Dalton McGuinty, and the 14 other premiers prior to that. It’s a political appointment.”


Ford is not only making that up, but his statement runs contrary to his story, to date. Until Monday, Ford has claimed he had nothing to do with the process of appointing his long-time friend and ally Ron Taverner to be the next commissioner of the OPP.


On CP24, Ford went on to make what sounded like an unproven accusation and a threat against current deputy commissioner of the OPP, Brad Blair, a decorated officer who revealed that Ford had been meddling in the police force by demanding a tricked-out camper van, customized to his specifications, and purchased in secret.


“It’s unfortunate one person has sour grapes. And it’s very disappointing, actually,” said Ford from Detroit, apparently referring to deputy commissioner Blair. “And reacting the way he’s been acting, and breaking the Police Act numerous times. Someone needs to hold him accountable, I can assure you that.”


The OPP has been the police force most likely to need to investigate a government, including, for example, the Liberal gas plant scandal and prosecutions resulting from a political coverup that followed.

SOURCE – NDP Community Safety and Correctional Services critic Kevin Yarde

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