That Water had to be Cold!


Only over the past few days has the ice begun forming on Wawa Lake. This photograph was taken at 3:50 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Soggy around the edges and patchy towards the depths of the lake – it really did look pretty; the fresh snow on the ice and the dark snow squally skies. Not an hour later I got a call that there was a snowmachine through the ice!

We see it every winter – snowmobilers so anxious to race over the newly formed ice, to be the first to run the ice from Dr. Rose’s Beach to Watson’s.

Well, whoever belonged to this snowmachine certainly got baptized! The trail in the ice from the snowmachine and of the wading/swimming snowmobiler is quite clear. The machine did put up a good fight, breaking ice for about 50 feet before sinking and dumping its rider into the water.

If you are headed out on the ice, remember that every winter, 25 to 30 Canadians die in ice-related incidents. Please, don’t become a statistic.