Hawk Junction Remembers



The roll call of names of people who served our country through the years who came from Hawk Junction.


On November 4th, the residents of Hawk Junction were joined by residents of Wawa, RCL Branch 429 to parade, lay wreaths and enjoy a meal in memory of those residents who served their country. Lorna Chiupka began the ceremony by saying, “In memory of those who have fallen, we remember before you with gratitude. O Lord, Our God, those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom, those whom we know and those whose memory we treasure and all those who have lived and died in the service of Mankind. After the parade and wreath laying, everyone enjoyed a wonderful potluck dinner inside the Hawk Junction Community Hall.


The annual parade from the Hawk Junction Community Hall to the Cenotaph at Pine Grove Cemetery.


The Remembrance Day service was held by Chaplain Lorna Chipkua, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 429. She said prayers, and offered a blessing. The Roll Call was read by Bill Valois. He recited the names of all the Hawk Junction residents who have served our country.


The parade walks past the Cenotaph and wreaths that are at the entrance to Pine Grove Cemetery.


Chaplain Lorna Chiupka saying grace before the meal.


Larry Harvey gives a thumbs up to the Hawk Junction community for their help in celebrating Remembrance Day 2018.