Tbaytel Launches Good Community Fund Recruit Good Project

Apr 5, 2018 @ 08:14
Representatives from Tbaytel joined staff and students from Crestview Public School in the school’s gymnasium for the launch of the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund spring 2018 campaign earlier today.
The campaign, which is now open for submissions for project proposals that help address an identified community need within Tbaytel’s serving territory, runs until June 14, 2018 when the winners will be announced. Applications will be accepted until May 16, 2018, with public voting on the semi-finalist video submissions to take place from May 28, 2018 to June 11, 2018.
“We are thrilled to be launching our newest Tbaytel for Good campaign at Crestview Public School for 2018 because it really is a great representation of what having a community fund means to everyone at Tbaytel,” says Tbaytel president and CEO Dan Topatigh. “Our goal is to support meaningful projects in communities across northern Ontario that will help create stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities, and the work that Crestview is doing with their funding is a really innovative example.”
Crestview school staff and students, who were awarded $1,250 in funding for a successful application made through the Tbaytel for Good Community Fund in the fall of 2017, shared an update about their Intermediate Leadership Team’s green screen technology project to promote anti-bullying in their school and encouraged other schools and community groups to apply for the spring 2018 campaign.
“Creating our green screen projects is very much a student-led activity at our school and one that we are very fortunate to be able to offer,” explains Crestview Public School grade 7/8 teacher Derek Sawyer. “The students discuss and decide what topics they want to cover, they prepare the scripts and content and they record and edit the videos they produce, so to see the creativity and ownership this has created in our students, as well as how they engage in their work has been absolutely wonderful.”
Since the community fund was first established in 2013, Tbaytel for Good has provided $137,000 in funding to support 57 unique community-based projects throughout northern Ontario, including a number of school-based projects and initiatives.
Tbaytel will run two Tbaytel for Good campaigns in 2018 – one in the spring and a second in the fall – with 12 total funding opportunities available across both campaigns. Project applicants for both campaigns will be asked to select a desired funding level of $500, $1,500 or $5,000 and two grants will be given in each category per campaign.
For more information, including eligibility criteria, submission guidelines and campaign milestone dates, anyone interested can visit tbaytelforgood.net.
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