What Happened at Council – April 4

Apr 18, 2017 @ 12:47

Council began the meeting with a presentation from several donors and Algoma Power Inc. who is matching all donations for the Wawa Goose Monument for the month of April.

The Consent Agenda was approved, and with it minutes from various council committees and related organizations. Council also accepted the EDC 2017 Work Plan and Operating Budget. From May 10 to 11th Wawa will be hosting the 63rd Annual Institute on Lake Superior Geology Conference. They have asked for a donation of Wawa Goose Pins, and their request was approved.


A number of staff information reports were received and approved:


In new business, Council approved the accounts of March 2017 and the 2017 Operating Budget.

Council also authorized staff to investigate the business plan for a Public Sector Community Hub.

Last August, Council took measures to protect CAO Chris Wray and Municipal Staff. These measures were taken against Gerry Liddle and Councillor Tamara Liddle to end and prevent further harrassment. These actions have a financial cost, and in the interest of transparency, Council has directed the Deputy Treasurer to prepare a report on the financial costs incurred by the Municipality in these matters, including details on the investigative, legal, and as well as staff costs. All Councillors present approved this resolution (Councillor Liddle was absent from this meeting).

The following by-laws were read and passed:

  • By-Law No. 3018-17 – to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held on the 4th day of April, 2017.
  • By-Law No. 3019-17 – to amend By-Law No. 484-87 and authorize the Municipality of Wawa to enter into an agreement with Wilderness Helicopters 2009 LTD. for the use of lands at the Wawa Municipal Airport.
  • By-Law No. 3020-17 – to authorize The Corporation of the Municipality of Wawa to enter into an Agreement with The Corporation of the Township of White River for the provision of Building Code Act Management, Inspection and Enforcement Services.
  • By-Law No. 3021-17 – to authorize the Municipality of Wawa to enter into a Travel Point Agreement with Serco Canada Inc.
  • By-Law No. 3022-17 – to enter into an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation to accommodate group education and/or driver interview sessions.
  • By-Law No. 3023-17 – to delegate authority to provide marriage solemnization services to Ms. Kaela MacDonald and Ms. Desiree Norwegian.
  • By-Law No. 3024-17 – to authorize Civil Marriage Solemnization Service in the Municipality of Wawa.
  • By-Law No. 3025-17 – to authorize the use of alternative voting methods (Internet and Telephone) for the 2018 school board and municipal election.
  • By-Law No. 3026-17 – to enter into an Agreement with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation for the Wawa Goose and Tourist Information Centre Improvements Project (Project #8230023).
  • By-Law No. 3027-17 – for the establishing of Tax Ratios for The Corporation of the Municipality of Wawa.
  • By-Law No. 3028-17 – to enter into a lease agreement with Michipicoten First Nation for the use of a portion of the Northern Information Technology and Geomatics Cooperative (NITGC) for the purposes of a Cultural and Wellness Centre.


Council did go in camera for two matters:

  • Legal Issue (1 Item): Code of Conduct Complaint 2016-01 – advice that is subject to solicitor client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose (Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (2) (f))
  • Legal Issue (1 Item): OPP Investigation Update – litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board (Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (2) (e))