Mantha acclaimed as NDP Candidate for the next Provincial Election

France Gélinas , Marc Lehoux new Vice-President , Emily Fox new Co-President, Linda Wilson previous President and Bud Wildman prior AM MPP / Executive At Large

Michael Mantha has been acclaimed the NDP candidate in Algoma-Manitoulin for the next provincial election. Elected since 2011, Mantha received the nod from the local association on Saturday afternoon.

“I have loved representing Algoma-Manitoulin for the last 7 years and very much look forward to continuing,” said Mantha. “My work has just begun and I am excited to continue being a strong voice for the North”

Several NDP party members gathered in Espanola on Saturday, March 25th along with guest speaker France Gelinas to nominate Michael Mantha and elect new and past executive member to the Riding Association.

Mantha welcomes to the executive, Co-presidents Emily Fox and Emily Roach, Vice-President Marc Lehoux, Recording Secretary Chantal Vaillancourt, Treasurer Janet Hickman, Membership Secretary Chrissy-Lynn Trudel accompanied by several Executive at Large members representing the vast areas of Algoma-Manitoulin. Linda Wilson, Jolene Courtemanche, Irene Breckon, Grant Buck, Craig Maxwell, Vicky Arsenault, Glen Humphreys, Cindy Haddow, Dennis Bastien, Bud Wildman, Betty French and Steven Wells.

I’m proud to have the voices and involvement of our youth as we welcome Emily Fox and Emily Roach, grade 11 students, as Co-Presidents. Accompanied by a great dynamic group of individuals they will lead our team into the next campaign. I am confident that as a team we will do great things for Algoma-Manitoulin.” Said Mantha. “A number of issues remain that we need to keep working on, hydro costs, health care and education to name a few. As we continue to move forward, we must continue to bring these issues to the forefront.”

The meeting ended shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Although the Annual General Meeting is over, individuals interested in getting involved are encouraged to reach out to Michael and the Riding Association.

“Things are going to be exciting.” said Mantha.