Wawa to Host Community Risk and Vulnerability Workshop on March 22

Mar 15, 2017 @ 10:15

Canadian communities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to a range of climate changes including rising temperatures and more frequent and intense storms. Recognizing that we have already begun to experience the impacts of these changes in weather patterns, climate change adaptation is necessary to moderate harm to the community.

As municipalities are the level of government closest to residents, they are on the front lines of responding to the impacts of climate change. Acknowledging these risks, the Municipality of Wawa has begun to take proactive steps to prepare for current and future impacts resulting from changing climate. Through participation in the Great Lakes Climate Change Adaptation Project led by ICLEI Canada and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change under the Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes, the Municipality of Wawa will be hosting Community Risk and Vulnerability Workshop on March 22, 2107. The municipality is looking forward to gathering with invited community organizations and municipal representatives, and documenting their perspectives on risks and vulnerability of the community.

The results of the workshop will provide the Municipality of Wawa with important information on perceived community risk and vulnerability. This information will help guide the Municipality with further assessment of impacts as well as action planning moving forward. This information will also be used to determine wide-ranging effects on the many commercial activities of Wawa, from Tourism to Forestry. This will help the Municipality and other community partners plan for a sustainable future. By taking practical steps early, we are reducing future climate change related risks in the Municipality of Wawa and building a more resilient community.

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