With a rise in working people visiting food banks, NDP MPs Angus and Hughes urge the feds to get serious about corporate greed jacking up food prices for Northern Ontarians

On Monday, after months of delay from the Liberals to ‘stabilize’ grocery prices, New Democrats forced the CEO of Sobeys and Loblaws back to committee to answer for sky-high prices. This coincides with the release of the Feed Ontario report saying Ontario food bank use increased by 38 per cent last year. There has been a 37 per cent increase in Ontarians with employment turning to food banks this year too.

Northern Ontario food banks, such as the Thunder Bay Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA), say they’re seeing people who typically donated coming now as clients. New Democrats say the Liberal government hasn’t done enough to hold big CEOs accountable for sky-high food prices.

“So, the meeting with grocery CEOs didn’t work, food prices are still sky-high, and Canadians are still feeling the squeeze,” said NDP MP Charlie Angus (Timmins James Bay). “This Liberal government has left behind families across Northern Ontario as they’re forced to choose between paying for their rent, mortgage or groceries. The corporate-controlled Conservative Leader Poilievre has shown time and time again that he works for the big grocery CEOs. His track record has shown he has cut corporate taxes for them and will pay for it by cutting the services Canadians rely on like health care and housing.”

Besides holding CEOs accountable to Canadians in a public committee, the NDP fought for measures in the fall economic statement to lower food prices and end the CEOs free ride by pushing for changes to the Competition Act. These measures include more power for the Competition Bureau to crack down on price-gouging and price-fixing and gives further powers to the Canada’s Competition Commissioner to keep markets competitive for small-businesses.

“Northern Ontarians are sick and tired of a dog and pony show from this government to bring down the costs of food, and they need action with real teeth,” said NDP MP Carol Hughes ( Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing). “New Democrats want an Ottawa that fights for Canadian families, so they pay less and get more.”

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