Wawa’s Superheroes 

The Kindergarten class at Sir James Dunn Public School got to meet some real life superheroes last week.  We know that if we call 911 with an emergency one or more of these superheroes will help us out. Constable Nickle showed us the tools that police officers need to help people and keep themselves safe.


Fire Chief Sabourin showed us all the tools on the fire truck that the firefighters use, and we have decided that they are all very heavy tools.



Paramedics Trudy and Zoltan checked all our oxygen levels, let us hear our heartbeats and even gave one of our little friends a ride on the stretcher.


Wawa is very fortunate to have these amazing first responders in our community and we would like to thank them for all they do and for taking time out of their busy days to inspire some of us to dream of becoming a superhero just like them one day.

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