Local Paramedics Injured in Collision – Seeking Public Support & Help

On Sunday, February 20th, two local paramedics were involved in a collision while transporting a patient. Tragedy ensued, a patient died, and both paramedics were seriously injured. As a result family and friends have asked for the community’s support with well-wishes and financial aid.

Shawna Marshall Burrows is a local paramedic who loves spending time with her 2 girls on her off time going on adventures and car rides, watching movies, playing video games, and hanging out with friends around the bonfire. She is a loving, caring, hard-working, single mother; and her family and friends want to be able to support her and her family during this time of need. Any donations or well wishes will be greatly appreciated.

  • A facebook page has been set up for well wishes and updates (https://www.facebook.com/groups/264415112508521)
  • Shawna mother’s email for donations (bsmith13th at gmail.com)


Shani Larrett is an easy-to-talk-to, compassionate, nonjudgemental, fun person to be around. I (Napoleon Tousignant, fellow paramedic & GoFundMe organizer) would like to take this time to say that Shani is one in a million; she is a wife and a mother and is one of our community’s heroes. She is a Paramedic with almost a decade of service, and she is now in need of our help.

On Feb 20, 2022, a call for service came in like any other call; however, this call would be different. Shani was involved in a terrible accident while on duty. Shani and the other paramedic involved are on the long road to recovery.
I am asking you for your support for one of our local heroes. Please, answer the call for help as Shani has done throughout her many years of dedicated service to our communities. Shani hopes to be able to continue her dedicated service; however, her road to recovery is unclear at this time. Donations will go to getting Shani back on her feet and back on the ambulance.
  • GoFundMe for Shani (https://www.gofundme.com/f/paramedic-community-hero-now-needs-us)




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