Area Road Conditions – Dec 6 at 06:30

Dec 6, 2021 at 06:08

School Buses

Due to adverse weather and poor road conditions, all school related transportation services are cancelled today for all Boards in the Wawa, White River and Dubreuilville communities. Schools will remain open.
This cancellation affect students who attend St. Basil (White River), St. Augustine (Wawa), Sir James Dunn (Wawa), Michipicoten High school (Wawa), Ecole St. Joseph (Elementary  & High school) and Ecole Escalade.

Highway Closures:

Hwy 144 is reduced to one lane in the Cartier area due to a collision. The collision occurred at 6:45 p.m. Sunday, December 5th.

Local Area Road Conditions

updated at: 5:22 a.m. Primary Conditions Secondary Conditions Visibility
Hwy 17 West/North 50km From Wawa to Paint Lake Rd, Wawa snow packed snow covered fair
70km From Paint Lake Rd, Wawa to Mobert snow covered snow packed fair
101 63km From Wawa to Hwy 651 (Missinabi Corners) snow packed snow covered fair
144km Hwy 651 (Missinabi Corners) to the Shawmere River snow covered fair
Hwy 17 South/East 40km From Mijinemunghshing Lake to Wawa snow packed snow covered fair
105km From Montreal River Bridge to Mijinemunghshing Lake snow packed bare and wet, snow covered fair
112km Sault Saint Marie North Limits to Montreal River Bridge snow covered bare and wet, snow packed fair
Hwy 519 40km From Hwy 17 to Green Lake Road snow covered snow packed fair
Hwy 631 170km From White River to Highway 11 snow covered snow packed fair
Hwy 547 5km From Hwy 101 to Hawk Junction snow packed snow covered fair
Hwy 651 50km From Hwy 101 to Missinabi snow packed snow covered fair
Hwy 129 126km From Thessalon to Hinckler Lake partly snow covered partly snow packed good
Hwy 129 100km from Hinckler Lake to Chapleau snow covered fair
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