Saturday Night’s Salmon Derby Standings

For the most part yesterday was a beautiful day out on Michipicoten Bay fishing for Salmon. Most of the fish on the leaderboard were caught on Friday, with the top salmon brought in by Team 28 (George Sherrard and Keith Kilty.

Team 7 had the largest Salmon on Saturday and is in second place this morning, and Team 28 had the largest Salmon on Saturday and is currently in first place.

The weather today should be nice and warm with sunny skies. Good luck to all the anglers!


TOP 10 SALMON (unofficial)
1) TEAM# 28 – 19.45lbs (caught Saturday) George Sherrard/Keith Kilty
2) TEAM# 07 – 18.95lbs (caught Friday) Allan Moyle/Spencer Moyle
3) TEAM# 51 – 15.00lbs (caught Friday) David McClary
4) TEAM# 17 – 14.30lbs (caught Friday) Yves Fortin/Eric Langelier
5) TEAM# 51 – 13.90lbs (caught Friday) David McClary
6) TEAM# 07 – 13.65lbs (caught Saturday) Allan Moyle/Spencer Moyle
7) TEAM# 32 – 13.20lbs (caught Friday) Alex Colasacco/Rosemarie Colasacco
8) TEAM# 41 -12.95lbs (caught Friday) Nelson Bernier/Nicole Moran
9) TEAM# 21 -12.90lbs (caught Friday) Steve Morin
10) TEAM# 22 – 12.10lbs (caught Saturday) Brad Charette/Darwin Wardell