Rick Fall – Running Home “Wawa Today”

Rick has been running from Victoria, BC (his hometown is Duncan) to his home in the Soo. Today he will be in Wawa, at the time of this report he is nearing Silver Birch Cottages (Catfish Lake).


Rick has been on the road, 108 days of running approx 34 kilometres a day. He is doing this to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Canada and Childhood Cancer Canada. His initial pre-COVID goal was $300,000, but a new goal was set because of COVID at $200,000. To date, over $65,000 has been raised. Although lower than hoped, Rick is still grateful for the donations, and the organizations are thrilled with his efforts.


Rick decided to do this major life event with the ‘backbone’ support of his wife, Colette and the inspiration of his neice, Danielle (who through Make-a-Wish Canada fulfilled a childhood dream before her passing).


Despite hot weather, and now in Ontario, the smokey air – Rick continues to run. It has been a very emotional stretch for Rick as he stopped at the Terry Fox Monument. Terry is his inspiration, but as Rick says, “it isn’t just about cancer, it’s about children’s cancer and make-a-wish. To help children with cancer and other critical illnesses.” It is interesting that today Rick will arrive in Wawa on Terry’s birthday. Wawa was a special place for Terry, “I recite the names of the towns I will encounter — Parry Sound, Blind River, Sault Ste. Marie (known in Canada as the Soo), Marathon (Marathon!), and my favourite, the one I keep whispering because of its homely but soulful sound and its remote location on a distant corner of Lake Superior: Wawa.”


Rick and Colette had a warm welcome in White River from Mayor Angelo Bazzoni, who not only gave a generous donation, but allowed the couple to park at his XTR gas station/convince store for the night with hookups.


The next day they were back on the road, overnighting at the Depew River, then Dubreuilville corners – and will be in Wawa today. Rick is planning to stay at Wawa RV Campground and will spend a couple of days before making the last push, tackling the many hills before arriving in the Soo on August 7th.


If you see the van, say hello and make a donation, for this very important cause. Give Rick a wonderful Wawa welcome! All those years ago, when Terry stopped in Wawa, Wawa had the distinction of donating the highest per capita during his run. Can Wawa repeat that feat for Rick?

To donate use the donation link on the website, FalloRick.com or go to https://p2p.onecause.com/fallorick/home

Remember, everyone has a dream, but many families need the help from these organizations to have their children’s dreams come true.