Thank you to – Emergency Services & Wawa

On November 27th 2020, events unfolded that have impacted the lives of two very dear friends. After 7 months of recovery and still a long road ahead of them, they were able to return to the scene at the Wawa Goose Hill.


At mile marker 1018, there has been a cross and flowers placed as a memorial to the beloved animal that was trapped and perished on that day. The doe was pregnant and leaving our farm on her way to her new home.

Titania, my sweet girl, may you rest in peace. Good bye.

While my wife and I were not there on that day, however, to see the lasting damage to the road, the pieces of the vehicle… down to the melted tail light on the guard rail from the vehicle that was involved that is still there to this day, was surreal.


I want to thank the citizens of Wawa for all you did. I truly wish that I could remember all of your names. From the first responders that saved the lives of our friends, to the people that took their personal time to go and search for the animal that survived, and housed him. Then as well, made arrangements to have him returned to his owners nearly 900km away.


Your community is amazing. We thank you all. You have a lot to be proud of.



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