Morning Road Conditions – November 20

Wawa-news gets the following road condition information from Ontario511 – Please verify road conditions and closures as this information will change as reports are made and as weather changes in between road reports.

Always be prepared for sudden road closures due to collisions or poor weather driving conditions when you are travelling. Ensure that you are prepared for lengthy road closures without detours or shelter. Always have blankets, and cold weather clothing in your vehicle. Snow tires are important.

This data was posted – Nov 20, 2020 at 08:36 a.m.

There are no road closures in Northern Ontario this morning, and local roads are all bare and wet – but there is some fog out there.

If you are travelling through the Highway 11 corridor (Kirkland Lake, Timmins & Matheson area) be aware that the school buses have been pulled off the road and freezing rain is occurring/expected. As always keep an eye on the road conditions.

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