Letter – Cat Owners Beware!

Dear Editor:

Cat owners beware!

During my early evening dog walks I noticed cats sitting near houses and I feel sorry for them because a few hours later in the dark, I could see dogs (make that coyotes) prowling through the neighbourhood.

A few of my friends lost their beloved kitties – put those two facts together and there is your answer. Cats make the perfect “snack” for a hungry
coyote. So if you love your cat, keep her/him inside.

Give a spayed or neutered cat a place near a window to watch the world go by and you will have their devotion and love for as long as he/she lives.
By the way, cats are (as cute and lovable as they are) a menace to the dwindling songbird population. In my house, kitty is an antidote to feeling lonely or forgotten (especially now with COVID-19). A snuggle with her and the soft purring makes everything tolerable better than any anti-depression medication. It’s proven by experts who know it.

Karin Grundt


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