A successful exchange through virtual technology!

Students from the grades 10 and 11 Learning Strategies for Success (GLS4O) course as well as grade 6 students at École Saint-Joseph (Wawa) recently participated in a pleasant interaction through the Microsoft Teams virtual program.

Following a French-language assignment on the Royal Canadian Air Force for the class of grade 6 teacher Mme Suzanne Trudel, students were able to connect with Indiana-Lou Impératori, a grade 11 student of the GLS4O course, who has been an Air Cadet for four years. Indiana-Lou answered questions from curious and interested students. All GLS40 students also participated in this informative presentation.

What a great use of technology to create links and promote sharing! We thank Mme Suzanne Trudel, grade 6 teacher, and Mme Valérie Lévesque, GLS4O course teacher, for making this successful virtual educational sharing experience possible!

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