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2020 - CHADWIC-Brookfield
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CHADWIC Home makes Youth Violence Prevention programs a priority.   A number of years ago, significant funding was cut to the Violence Prevention Programs for Youth and we have managed, with great community support, to keep them afloat.  We are thankful to all our donors, and in particular, to Brookfield Power. We received a donation in the fall of 2018 that supported our current programming, as well as helped us to increase the number of programs offered to young people

Since the fall of 2018, this donation provided ongoing resources to enable 101 sessions to 266 students between the ages of 11 and 18.  These sessions focused on Dating Violence, Healthy Relationships, Sexual Assault, Bullying, Social Media Awareness, Stress Management, Body Image, Self- Acceptance, Youth Empowerment, Racism and Oppression.

These sessions have aided students in becoming confidently knowledgeable and well-informed about where to seek help and supports in our community.  Further, we often invite community partners to present to and take part in our groups, which lends to raising awareness of the many vital supports and services available to youth in our little town.

Many of our groups have also led to newly formed sub-committees for CHADWIC Home’s public events.  A contingent of young women from our groups expressed a desire to be more closely involved with the work of the shelter. Notably, helping and participating in events such as Take Back the Night, and most recently, the Teen Empowerment group very capably led our annual International Women’s Day event.  We have many more plans that were cut short due to the Covid 19 pandemic, however, we will be reconvening and moving forward once it is safe to do so.

Violence Prevention Programs are necessary!

According to stats Canada:

  • Dating Violence is the highest among the age 15-24 age group, making up 43% of all incidents of dating violence
  • each year in Canada, an estimated 360,000 children witness or experience family violence
  • 2018 report done by the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability-titled “CallitFemicide”, every 2.5 days in Canada a woman or girl is murdered in Canada- 53% of those women were murdered by intimate partners.

The proactive measure of educating students at a young age is key to reducing the risk of relationship violence.  If children grow up in a home where violence is role modeled, how can we expect them to understand that it is wrong?

CHADWIC Home is grateful to all the youth who have shown interest in our programs. To the many young students choosing to spend their lunch hours listening to, engaging with, and participating in our groups, please know how very proud we are of all of you!

Once again, we cannot express how grateful we are for the donations that assist in making these programs possible, and for the community partners and business leaders like Brookfield Power whose contributions are so crucial in facilitating getting this vital information to our youth.

Our statement of philosophy:

“We believe that it is a basic human right to live without fear of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.”

“We believe that it is a basic human right to live without the destructive forces of sexism, racism and poverty.”

“We are committed to working towards creating a society that respects and upholds these rights.”

We thank you for your role in helping to convey these truths to the youth of our community through your generous donation.

For more information about our programs for youth, we invite you to contact CHADWIC home at 856-2848.  You can also visit our website at (which features a Donate Now button) and follow us on Face Book at CHADWIC Home Inc.

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