M-174 National Suicide Prevention Action Plan is Passed in Parliament

“When the vote began on my call for a national suicide action plan I stood up and held up the eagle feather and the red hawk feather in remembrance of all the youth we have lost in the northern communities. I wanted those children to know that they were loved and that Canada must do better for this coming generation of youth.” explained Charlie Angus.

from posts by Charlie Angus on Facebook…

Parliament just voted for M-174 to establish a national suicide prevention action plan. This has been a long journey and together we have built an incredible grassroots coalition across the country.

You played a big part in this. Your emails and letters of support for this motion had a huge impact.

But the work doesn’t end here. Now we need to push the Prime Minister to ensure that this commitment is turned into a reality.

I thank you all for working with us on this campaign. Never forget friends we gotta keep kicking at the darkness til it bleeds daylight.

It was very emotional to watch every member of Parliament commit to a national suicide prevention plan. I remember the darkest days of the suicide crisis in Mushkegowuk territory where the youth were without resources and doing whatever it took to comfort, support to those losing hope.

Quebec established a provincial plan and reduced youth suicide by 50%. Tonight the Parliament of Canada made a promise to be a partner in ensuring there are resources to fight the hopelessness of suicide.

We need to make this commitment a reality.