Cupcakes for a Cure!

Oct 21, 2017 @ 08:17


Yesterday was the Annual Cupcakes for a Cure at the Lady Dunn Health Centre. Talented bakers Louise Needham, Jennifer Tremblay and Tracy Chalykoff made dozens and dozens of cupcakes. Then there was a decoration party held just before they went on sale. There were so many beautiful cupcakes, it was hard to choose my 6-pack of treats.


The cupcakes were purchased by donation, and although there is a final tally, it certainly looks like it was a success!


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  1. Thank you Brenda for the lovely pictures! We had a great day! We had our first cupcake decorating social with past and present breast cancer survivors to decorate these delicious cupcakes! After 3 years with the help of Jeniffer Tremblay, our Cupcakes for a cure raised $917.00. This money will be donated partially to Breast cancer research but part of the money raised will be going directly to all our local oncology patients with the purchase of parking tokens for trips to SAH.
    I want to thank the LDHC for there generous donation of space and supplies, Doris Zagar, Jennifer Tremblay and Tracey Chalykoff for there awesome baking skills, the lovely ladies who joined me in our decorating social, and to all of the wonderful people who donated and shared in enjoying a Cupcake for a cause!!