What do you think about the 2017 Operating Budget? Municipality would like to know

Apr 23, 2017 @ 12:02

The 2017 Operating Budget is Ready. Staff have presented their portion of the Operating Budget to the Planning Committee. The Municipality has made public these reports so that ratepayers will have the opportunity to review and provide comment on all budget items.

Any comments or feedback can be sent to [email protected]


The opportunity for comments will close April 28, 2017.


2017 Operating Budget Report

2017 Operating Budget Overall and Corp

2017 Operating Budget – Community Services & Tourism Presentation

2017 Operating Budget – Infrastructure Services Presentation

2017 Operating Budget – Information Technology Presentation

One comment

  1. I have just read the operating budget report and it is both clear and comprehensive. It easily addresses issues that have been raised in the past, and I congratulate council and staff for publishing the documents. I look forward to reading the rest.