Cross Country Skiing in Wawa

Mar 6, 2013 @ 08:00

Some people make New Year’s resolutions…

I make springtime resolutions to go and buy a pair of cross-country skis. Every year I look at people leaving from the airport, going down the trails (that I’ve walked in the summer), having great fun. Every year I don’t…

So this year, I heard that a friend was going out yesterday, in the gorgeous sun, for a ski. She explained that with the trail packing that had just been done – the trails were beautiful. So, I asked, “can you take a couple of pictures for me?” She did, and they are below.

I didn’t realize that the Wawa Cross Country Ski Club maintains about 12 km of ski trails.  They say that eight kilometres for the Classic and Skate technique, and about 4 km for classic only.

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