From the Branch – July 28

Boy, that made my day when I heard that the legion Lounge was open on Wednesday and Friday. I went and made a visit and lo and behold a few members and friends were there and I enjoyed some quality time which we had not had for a long while.I recommend to everyone to make a visit to the Branch when it is open and see the improvements which were made just before COVID-19 hit us. A lot of us maybe forgot that there is an elevator so handicapped access is a breeze and the washrooms are also easier to access

So come on down and have a pint with a friend and forget all those Months of lockdown.

We hope that we soon will be catering to our regulars for celebrations and parties (and I am sure we all need to party!)

And in September we can start our meetings and get organized for Remembrance Day and Poppy Campaign.Would this not be a beautiful opportunity for any Wawa citizen who has been stuck at home to join US as a new member and serve the community and friends.

I am attaching a view from the past and hope we will gather like this soon!


This husband  came home from work on Friday and said to his wife “Let us make this a really good weekend!”

She answered “Boy that is a fantastic IDEA!”

So he said,”Okay, I will see you then on Monday!!”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes You are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


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