So Thankful to live in Wawa

So thankful to live in Wawa.
We would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who helped us after our car accident.
Our OPP are great. They were quick to respond, professional yet personable and so very patient with us while asking all the pertinent questions. We were in shock and were not responding as normal. Thanks for the ride home.
Wawa  Volunteer Fire Department as always was right there to assist. Great road cleanup. Glad we didn’t need your vital services. You guys are the best.
Also, our Wawa EMT came so quickly to make sure we were all okay.
Last but not least, Body Lines By  Crack has amazing people. Your continued support, advice, and assistance in many ways have helped tremendously.
All in all,  we were reminded once again how fortunate we are to live in our little town filled with great people.
Bernie and Lori
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