Week 6 – Winner of the LDHCF ‘Catch the Ace’ Announced!


The winner of the sixth week in the Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation’s ‘Chase the Ace’ has been announced. Should someone have the Ace of Spades in the envelope they choose, they could win $3,448.50 in the progressive jackpot as well as the $487.00 from the weekly draw.

Wawa resident Donna Korytko had the winning ticket. Her ticket chose envelope #12 to be opened – unfortunately, the envelope held the Ten of Spades. She did take home the prize of $487.00 for holding the winning ticket. Her card was ripped in half and affixed to the draw board at the hospital.

Tickets are on sale at Circle K, PetroCan and the LDHC Foundation Office.

Good Luck in Week 7! The progressive jackpot is worth $4164.50.


Week Winner Envelope Card Drawn Prize Won Progressive Jackpot
1 Paul Bernath Env. #22 Jack of Diamonds  $424.00  $636.00
2 Christian Lapointe Env. #18 King of Hearts  $486.00  $1,365.00
3 Rene Dumont Env. #10 Eight of Spades  $469.00  $2,068.50
4 Anders Morden Env. #19 King of Spades  $433.00  $2,718.00
5 June Champagne Env. #20 Seven of Diamonds  $487.00  $3,448.50
6 Donna Korytko Env. #12 Ten of Spades  $478.00  $4,165.50