A special visit to SJD Kindergarten


Constable Tremblay came to visit the Kindergarten students at Sir James Dunn recently to tell us all about his job as a police officer.

Of course the main interest was the cool items on his belt that he uses for his job everyday. Constable Tremblay brought us pictures of everything that he carries with him like his radio, baton, firearm, flashlight and taser.

We also got to see pictures of the various OPP vehicles that are used throughout the province.
Snowmobiles, cars, boats, trucks, jeeps and even helicopters. We learned that there are also different uniforms that officers wear depending on their specific job.

We were surprised to learn that a large part of a police officers job is talking with people to try and help them in what situation they may be in.

Thank you Constable Tremblay for the visit. See you next time!

Brenda Stockton
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