Time to Make our Northern Highways Safer – Guy Bourgouin, MPP/Député Mushkegowuk-James Bay/Baie-James

This afternoon in the Ontario Legislature a very important bill will be debated in its second reading. This Private Member’s Bill has been presented by Guy Bourgouin (Mushkegowuk-James Bay NDP MPP). He has proposed that Highway 11 and Highway 17 be reclassified to a Classy 1 Highway. That would mean that “the entire pavement shall be bare of snow within eight hours of the end of the snowfall.”. Currently Highway 17 & 11 are required to be clear of snow within 16 hours of the end of a winter storm.
There is hope that all parties will see this as not a NDP bill, but a bill that should be supported by all parties – for the good of all who travel in Northern Ontario.

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