At Ontario NDP convention, Horwath focuses on plans that deliver on hope

Speaking to more than 1,500 people at the Ontario NDP convention Saturday, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was focused on hope — and how the NDP is making plans to deliver.

“For all the people hurt by Doug Ford’s cuts, and for all the people worried about how Doug Ford will hurt them next, there is hope,” said Horwath.

“We’re going to hold on to our shared vision of an even better Ontario, and we’re going to keep building this movement that surrounds us. We will unite where Doug Ford tries to divide. We will build where Doug Ford tries to tear down. We will keep up the pressure with more legislation, more ideas, and more plans to tackle the things that matter.”

Cuts to supports for children with autism, deep cuts to education, cuts to public health and dozens of other Doug Ford cuts and attacks have been raised at the three-day convention. But Horwath said reversing cuts and defending the status quo isn’t good enough.

Speaking to the convention, she recommitted to key plans she’s released, including pharmacare and dental coverage, before addressing a new policy released this weekend, Ontario’s Green New Democratic Deal.

The policy and discussion paper is a blueprint for moving Ontario to net-zero emissions, while creating more than a million jobs and creating billions of dollars in economic activity.

“I believe that no child should be forced to miss school or to play inside because the air in her community isn’t safe,” said Horwath. “I believe that no family should have to evacuate their home, year and year after year, because floodwaters keep rushing in, or because wildfires are raging toward them. And I believe that no one — no one ever — should be fearful of starting a family, or afraid for their children, because of the uncertainty of our planet’s future.”

Horwath’s plan includes the largest building retrofit program in the world, a jobs-training guarantee, a community support guarantee and an industry support guarantee.

The convention continues to Sunday afternoon at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Andrea Horwath