Ford PCs gearing up for sell-offs and privatization

Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath said Wednesday she’s concerned that the Ford government’s recent review of the books is laying the groundwork for the privatization of public assets.


On the heels of Ford’s theatrical pronouncement that the deficit is deep and the province is in need of cash, this week’s release of a review of the books recommended a “divestiture” and “Alternate Service Delivery” of the Government Business Enterprises – that’s the LCBO, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), and Ontario Lotteries and Gaming (OLG).


“Doug Ford didn’t campaign on selling public assets, and it wasn’t in the throne speech. But yesterday the President of the Treasury Board was happily telling reporters he’s ready to get started,” said Horwath, who raised the issue in question period on Wednesday, and noted that the LCBO is a profitable venture that helps fund Ontario’s health care system and schools.


“The LCBO brings in over $2 billion a year for the people of Ontario, yet the Conservatives’ high-priced consultants now say that they could sell it all for a ‘one-time cash payout,’” said Horwath.


“The last Conservative government never campaigned on selling the 407. But they did it anyway and stuck drivers with the bill – a bill they are still paying. In 2014 the Liberals ran an election campaign insisting they weren’t going to privatize Hydro One. Within months, they were doing exactly that.”


Horwath urged the Ford Tories to abandon any plan they’re cooking up in the back rooms to sell off any further public assets.


“Given the history of disastrous privatization in this province, does this government really believe that a fire sale of public assets makes a lick of sense?” she asked.


SOURCE – Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP Leader

Andrea Horwath