Monday Night’s Northern Lights

Sep 12, 2018 @ 08:05


Monday night some of Wawa’s night owls were treated to a beautiful display of Northern Lights. They were visible from any location along the eastern shore of Wawa Lake, bu the best viewing was at William Teddy Park.

My first stop was at Watson’s Air Base. The viewing was good, but it looked as it would be better if I could shoot without the lights of the town in my photo. So, off to William Teddy Park, I went. Across the lake, the lights were beautiful, but the best looking. were to the east over the trees.

The towers cast a red glow in my longer exposures that might be distracting, despite that I thought the red gave an unusual look. If you look at the cloud formation, you could picture in the clouds a large bird carrying off the fire of the towers…

Despite the lack of curtains in these Northern Lights, they were still a great show and were exciting to see.