Elementary & Secondary School to continue Remote Learning for this school year

The Ontario Government has made the decision to continue with remote learning for all elementary and secondary students for the remainder of this school year.

“At a time when our top priority is putting the third wave behind us so that we can safely enter Step One of our Roadmap to Reopen, we can’t risk increased cases and potential downstream impacts on hospitals and ICUs,” said Premier Ford. “Making this tough decision now will allow kids to safely enjoy camps and outdoor activities this summer, and a safe return to school in September.”

The media release explained that recent modelling by the Science Advisory Table shows that reopening schools to in-person learning could see an increase of six to 11 per cent in new daily COVID-19 cases.

The government has made the decision to allow school boards to invite graduating students in elementary schools (by class) and secondary schools (by homeroom/quadmestered class) to return to school in June for a short, outdoor celebration, where physical distancing is possible.

With schools in Ontario closed for in-person learning, emergency child care (ECC) will continue until the end of June to align with the end of the elementary school year.

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