Horwath responds to Economic Recovery Committee

Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said today’s announcement that the Ontario government has tasked the majority of its cabinet to look at jobs and economic recovery is disappointing for those who were desperately hoping for an announcement that would help them financially, right now.

“Helping everyday people and families get through this, and Saving Main Street, means taking action to get money into people’s bank accounts now, and throughout the pandemic,” said Horwath. “Statistics Canada revealed today that more than 400,000 Ontarians have lost their jobs. A months-away economic stimulus program won’t put food on their table now. It won’t stop their employer from going under in April.

“We need action, now, to save families and businesses from economic hardship, not just a plan to pull together cabinet ministers for yet another committee.”

The NDP’s proposal so far have included:

*   An 80 per cent rent subsidy for people up to $2,500 per month
*   A utility payment freeze
*   A $2,000 payment to bridge the gap while people wait for federal financial support
*   A 50 per cent discount on auto insurance
*   A 75 per cent commercial rent subsidy up to $10,000 per month for three months
*   A remote-work set up fund, which could help them with things like setting up an online retail operation, or buying laptops and software for staff
*   An auto insurance grace period for taxis and car-sharing drivers
*   A designated emergency fund for small businesses and entrepreneurs who have faced historic barriers to accessing traditional capital, as proposed by the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce.

Andrea Horwath