A Thank You to the People of White River


These two pups shown pre-escape were headed from Saskatchewan to Southern Ontario.

It is an amazing story that has been shared to Wawa-news via facebook by Michelle Fraser Found. There is no need to rewrite this – the story is told quite clearly, and you can feel the emotion of losing a puppy, and the incredible help from a community to find her and bring her back to safety. A huge thank you to the people of White River who helped to bring this story to a very happy ending.



Yesterday through tears and worry, I spent the day in prayer. I learned, through a morning phone call from my crying husband, that one of the two pups he is moving for a friend from Saskatchewan to Southern Ontario was lost and on the run.


As they were out having their morning padiddle and walk, a passing car spooked one of the pups. Before Jon could reassure her, a nearby truck’s air dryer kicked in (a loud burst of air), sending the pup into a further frenzy, and she ultimately bolted.


Being in White River, Ontario at the time, it is a very densely wooded area. The pup ran and ran… and ran… aaaand ran… Who knew Jon was hauling a world-class marathon runner!

Winston – he had her scent up until the large wooded hill his little legs couldn’t get up there.

Volunteer Darryl Godin brings in his snowmobile for those hard-to-reach places.


Volunteer and Rescuer Darryl Godin who (if I’m understanding this correctly) leaped from his snowmobile to capture the running pup and bring her back to safety. Thank you, Darryl!

In the meantime, Jon notified a local gentleman of his situation who immediately sought out reinforcements. And within a quick amount of time, the locals of White River pulled out all the stops and moved into action.


With pickups and ATVs, snowmobiles and snowshoes, walkers and sniffing canines, the community covered a vast area. Even an OPP officer just finishing his work shift as well as the Game Warden were on hand!

A sweet young gal helped in the search with her dog. Jon told me he is of the understanding that this sweet dog is 17 years old and is blind, but that didn’t affect its ol’ sniffer in wanting to help! (I cannot lie, this really choked me up. I’m such a sap!)

Every few hours the little pup was spotted; but the little soul was so terrified, she wouldn’t stop running for anyone.


By 6pm-ish, after nine hours of running, she was finally caught and scooped up into the secure & caring arms of the snowmobiler, who brought her back to Jon and her twin sister, waiting with anticipation and tears of joy.



Their kindness in a time of urgent need was truly appreciated, most especially when our world is in the middle of a pandemic.



Please realize this is only a handful of the many many volunteers. They all deserve recognition for their efforts. We are truly grateful.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

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