Hawk Junction Family Fishing Derby – Great Fun!


On Saturday, March 11th, Hawk Junction held their annual Family Fishing Derby. Anglers could pre-register Friday night or register Saturday morning with fishing beginning at 8 a.m. The cold temperatures may have accounted for the slightly less registrants this year – but 153 people fished, and many of them attened the Hawk Community Centre for the Awards Ceremony, and talked about having fun on the lake.

Logan and Brady were fishing together, and both picked fishing gear as their prizes; Cruz took a tin of collectible Pokemon cards. First, second and third in both the Youth and Adult categories received commemorative trophies.

1 Logan Dunham Pike 4.0lbs 12:45
2 Brady Desrochiers Whitefish 2.1lbs 12:30
3 Cruz Dupuis Pike 0.8lbs 12:00
Joslyn McLaughlin Pickerel 0.7lbs 1:00
Parks McLaughlin Pickerel 0.5lbs 1:00
Rowen McLaughlin Pickerel 0.4lbs 1:00
11 Jesse Johnson Pike 6.4
2 Jacqui Ferris Pike 6.1 8:45
3 Mathias Howson Pike 4.8 2:30
Richard Davidson Pike 3.4 11:30
Dakota Butteridge Pike 2.8
Tyson Stewart-Gauthier Lake Trout 2.4 11:00
Peter Magi Pike 0.8 2:30
Sam Shorey Pike 0.6 12:30
Mackenzie Burns Pike 0.5 10:45
D.J. Webb Pickerel 0.4
Jim McLaughlin Pickerel 0.4 1:00






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