UPDATE : Even If Trump Pardons Assange at the Last Minute, I Believe Julian May Still Rot In Britain

Julian Assange During Better Days and Better Health

** Update ; at the articles end is a interview from Stella Morris who is Julians partner. Please watch and Share as today is the day we pray Julian will be pardoned. Thank you Peter from Germany for the nicce letter **

What a bad dream we have found ourselves in since “Bat Soup” boiled over last January, but it’s been a nightmare for Julian Assange for a decade.

There is the possibility of Donald Trump pardoning Julian Assange in his last few days, but the sad thing is that even if this miracle still happens, I believe the torture to Julian may remain in place.

Magistrate Baraister decided to not extradite Julian Assange ONLY on the grounds that his mental state was in peril and she made it clear that the charges against him by the US were not the reason for her decision. To make it clear; she ruled that he was suffering and not in a normal mental state, and yet, she denied him bail. Can you believe that? She is keeping him holed up in Belmarsh to suffer more solitary confinement while the American Government appeals her decision. It is as obvious as can be that this was just a delay tactic.

Now, as I said if the miracle happens and Trump wants to take one last jab at the Establishment and pardon Julian, I find it very very hard to believe that he will be released and on a flight to Mexico where he has been offered asylum by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The American “agencies” and the Brits have a very tight and long history of colluding together on how things play out on the world stage.

I would not be surprised and would put a wager on it, that if the pardon was granted, the British legal system will keep him detained for some bull*hit reason like the Swedes tried to do for the Americians against Julian with the charges of sexual assault that took two years for them to give up on.

A Deteriorating Julian Assange Caged Behind A Glass Window With a Guard Watching Over Him During Recent Court Proceedings

So as things worldwide continue to get darker and darker, even as the light of common sense is there (you just have to flick the switch) I’m still hoping for Julian to be pardoned and released and maybe, just maybe, my presumption will be proven wrong.

With his freedom from 10 years of house arrest and mental torture at stake, I could certainly eat crow in this case.

** Oh yeah, It’s now highly unlikely the Soo Greyhounds will play this year. Thanks Doug!”

** I received a nice letter from Germany and he was an organizer of one of Julians protest/release Julian gatherings where he interviewed Stella Morris, the partner of Julian. He asked that on this final day I post the heartwarming interview and here it is. Please scroll to 6 minutes.

Stella Moris (Julian Assange) spricht via Live-Stream in Stuttgart 06.12.20 – dt. Untertitel ab 6min – YouTube

Free Julian !!


Ernest Skinner